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Horrible 3 Days

The past three days have been some of the wost I've experianced.  The worst would be yesterday, but the previous two contributed to the over all consuming  . . .  bad.   Building bad on top of bad equals really bad.

Horrible day 1: June 29

First, I woke up because my real estate manager was calling, at 8:30am.   I had gone to bed at 5am.  There was maintenance out side my door, and he needed in to look at my shower.  So I got up, dressed quickly, and let him in.  He was there for maybe 5 minutes, tops.  They were going to have to call the plummer.  After he left, I couldn’t go back to sleep.  So, I got up and started my day.  One of the things I wanted to do was go to Hobby Lobby.  I ended up spending more than I wanted because some stuff wasn't actually on sale.  I must have miss read a sign or something. 

The next thing was packing the car.  I was supposed to go on a trip with my brother and mother the next day.  In packing the car, I get scared by two different wasps, on two separate occasions.  So, now I’m working on sleep deprivation, stress because I always stress over money, and had two fear induced adrenalin rushes.  Needless to say, I wasn’t in the best of moods. 

Yeah, I thought I was irritated when I headed off for Kansas City.  Not by a long shot.  There were SO many STUPID drivers!  I had to slam on my breaks and hit the horn on no less than three different occasions.  IDIOTS!  I was so pissed off by the time I got home.  I went to bed early.  I didn't want to be any more of a pain to my family.

Horrible day 2: June 30

I get woken up by my mother, who tells me the trip is off.  I had gone through all that the day before, to have the whole reason for it canceled. 

The afternoon wasn’t that bad. My mother took my brother and I out for sushi, and it was very good, as always.  I didn’t have much of an appetite, so I took a box home. My mother, brother and I then went out and got dad his birthday gift: a new car radio. When he came home from work we presented it to him, and showed him how it worked.  He really liked it, which is good.  I not sure if I have the money to spend, that I said I would pitch in.  I need to find a bartending job, and soon.

After that, one of my friends asked if I could help him clean out his parents garage.  I said sure, but I knew I would have to come home for dinner about an hour after I went over to his place.  My dad was grilling, and his non-mistress was coming over.  Cleaning the garage wasn't to bad, though I got two bug bites, and knew I was going to come back and help finish cleaning after dinner.  I came home when I was supposed to, and ended up waiting another hour.  Another hour that I could have been out.  I don’t ever like it when my dads non-mistress is over.  The energy in the house changes, and I just plain don’t like her.  She is always the one talking, and always has something to say.  She reminds me of my dads mom, in how she kinda bosses him around. 

Anyway, I couldn't eat much.  I could tell my dad was disappointed that I didn't even try my stake, but I just couldn’t stay there any longer.  I went back over to my friends house, and helped him finish the garage.  My legs are now SO bug bitten!  From the knees down, each leg has to have about two dozen bites.  Ugh.  I spent the rest of my conscious night over at my friends place.

Horrible day 3: July 1

So this one needs a little back-story:

About four weeks ago, I met a guy.  I instantly knew I wanted to be his friend.  I’ve only ever felt that way about a person once before, and that was with my friend Kat in Minnesota.  So, I flat out gave him my number.  He texted me the next day, and we’ve been texting every day since.  My like for him grew more and more, especially since we were flirting a lot. 

We were texting, and not hanging out in real life, because he was out traveling with a friend of mine.  She had brought him to Kansas City from Tennessee, and he was tagging along with her.  He volunteered to help her move from Kansas to North Carolina, and then there was a random detour to Alabama.  Anyway, there were plans for him to come and visit me for a week when he got back to Kansas City!  I was so exited.  I have to admit, I let my imagination run a bit.  I haven’t been even attracted to anyone in five years.  Five! I go my hopes up.  On this day, the first of July, we were supposed to have lunch because he had finally gotten back to Kansas the night before. So, lets go to that eventful morning, shall we?

I get woken up because my puppy is screaming in the next room.  In my rush to get to her, I basically fell off my loft bed and landed on my knees.  I didn’t care about that at the time, and ran into the next room.  Ella was fine, but apparently my mothers dog, Jake, had been playing way to rough with her.  I took her back to bed with me.  It was at this time that I realized my knees were really hurting, and I was shaking with an adrenalin rush.  Both knees are black and blue now, and I couldn't’ straighten my left knee all the way yesterday.  It was too swollen.  I should mention that my mother and brother went out on a mini trip, and dad was at work.

So, I’m lying in bed, trying to calm down enough to go back to sleep when I get a text.  It’s the boy I like!  I’m always delighted when he texts me.  Then I actually read the text.  He’s telling me that he and my friend are now dating.  Yeah.  I started almost instantly to cry.  Lunch was canceled, obviously.  I was much more hurt than I should have been.  I guess I liked him even more than I realized.  I couldn’t stop crying for about 2 hours.

 We continued to text all afternoon.  I had a lot of questions, which he answered honestly.  He still liked me, but apparently she had just sprung the question on him, and he said yes without thinking about it.  I wanted to go home.  I wanted to just leave, and go back to Manhattan, but I had to run two errands first.  So, when I stopped crying for a while, I went out to get stain for my futon, and alcohol.  I knew I couldn't not have alcohol when I got home.  So I packed the car, and left.

When I got home, I unlock the door and  . . .  the knob wont turn.  I’m like, ok, don’t panic, it’s done this before.  I put the dogs leashes down, and fiddle with the knob for about 10 minutes, trying to get the mechanics inside it to unlock, so I can open my door.  Nothing works!  My door is unlocked, but I can’t open it because the knob won’t turn.  The knob isn’t even the lock!  There’s a dead bolt.  That’s the lock.  The knob just opens the door!  I can’t call the real estate manager, because they closed fifteen minutes before I got to my apartment.  So, I did the only thing I could.  Using my shoulder, I threw my weight repeatedly against the door until it broke open.  It took about 10 times to get it, and of course I now have a nice bruise where I was pointing the weight to go on my shoulder.  I have no idea what to tell my real estate manager.  How to I tell her I had to break down my door? 

When I got in, I simply sat down on my favorite chair and just bawled.  I can’t remember the last time I cried like that.  Yeah, I’d been crying for most of the day, but those were silent tears.  I finished unpacking the car when I stopped crying, again, and got myself a drink.  That was the first thing I’d had to eat that day.  Booze.  I later worried down a few spoonfuls of soup, but that was all.  I had another drink, then gave in and got out my pipe.

End Horrible Days . . .  Please?

I have incredibly bug bitten legs, bruised knees, a bruised shoulder, and am kind of an emotional train wreck.  I also think I did something to my left ankle when I hurt my knees, because it hurts whenever I go up and down the stairs. I also, somehow, hurt my other shoulder and the right side of my rib cage when I broke open my door.

Can the bad be over?  Please?  

I really don't want to go back to Kansas City over the 4th.



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