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11 March 1989
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My name is Signy and I am female ^^ I am liberal and Agnostic, and am currently in school to be a pathologist assistant.

I have three dogs, two ferrets and a fish. I love working with my dogs; it's my hobby, if you will. Training them and working with them on a psychological level is very grounding for me, and helps me remember the basics of what is important in life. They truly are my emotional mirror.

I do have a deviant art account, and I am currently working on posting written work on thehexfiles.

By the way, my user name is pronounced Lyra Fox B.C. She was the main character in the first novel I ever started writing. Yes it's an odd name, but I was in 7th grade when I started it. I changed the plot a lot, could never stick with one I liked, and eventually gave up on it. I stuck with the name though :P

Oh! I can't forget to say that I love to Beta! ^_^

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