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No more Drama

So . . . they broke up . . . ^_______________^

I feel like pulling a Dr. Cox and run through the streets, only, instead of screaming, “It’s blue, she’s not pregnant, *swings bathrobe over head and chucks it* It's blue!”  I would be yelling, “It’s over!   They aren’t dating!  Its finally over!!”

I’m crazy, it’s cool XD

Now that I’m not in the middle of it, I’m looking back at it going, “Wait, that wasn’t all that big a deal, was it . . .” *Major face palm*  I was in to close, and was taking things to personally.  Yay for not seeing the big picture!  *bangs head on wall*  Now, if I can just remember this lesson for the future . . .

So, I have no idea what’s going to happen now, so . . . hello couch, I’m going to chill on you for a while.  Mmm . . . good couch.

Anyway, lets move on to non-boy stuff shall we?

My weekend with grandma went much better then I expected it to.  She didn’t get up set or hurt feelings about anything!  I wasn’t as bored as thought I would be, and I got to use the neighbors wireless Internet. 

The only part that I would say was bas was when we went to walmart with her to do all her shopping.  It was all bad, but there toward the end I was starting to get really irritated with how . . . slow? indecisive? she was.  We had reached the produce, and my dad was about to go off and look for the candy.  I totally jumped on that and was like, “I can go look for the chocolate, if you want.”   I knew I needed a break, and then I was fine. 

I was impressed by the fact that she had a coupon for EVERYTHING!  It makes me wish I at least got the Sunday paper.  I never use coupons, and really should.

She took us out to dinner, which was very good, and loaded us up with food when we left.  Over all, it was a pretty good weekend. 

Here is to hoping for no more drama! *Crosses fingers*

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