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Good stuff . . . right?

So, lots have been going on.  Good stuff!  All good stuff . . . right.  Think positive.  I’m being hard on my self and I know it’s stupid, but I still kinda feel like a looser.

So, good news.  I got a new puppy!  I absolutely love her  ^_^  Her name is Ella.  She is a Rat terrier.  We are assuming she is pure bred, as she came from a Hoarder who collected Rat terriers.  She was one of the puppies my mother fostered for Animal Haven.   Today, she is 9 weeks old (born on March 9th), and 2 pounds, 7 ounces.   She’s a tiny bundle of cute!

She gets along great with Anika, they even sleep curled up with each other, but Cole is a grump to all the puppies he’s ever encountered.  I’m sure his relationship with her will get better as she gets older.  Or, at least I hope it will. 

We went for her fist walk today, and she did great!  When I first put her on a leash over this past weekend, she was resistant, but did eventually follow me.  I didn’t work with her long the first time.  I’ve been working with her in small time increments over the past few days, and it really paid off!  She isn’t resistant to the leash at all any more. 

Since she is good with the leash, I’m going to slowly start expanding her walking distance.  I don’t want to exhaust her, and her paw pads aren’t ready for longer walks yet.  I’m going to slowly build her up and when she’s ready, I walk her with the rest of my pack.  I know her relationship with Cole will get better when they can all walk together. 

When we go out for potty breaks, I don’t even put Ella on a leash.  She just follows me everywhere.  It’s adorable!  Honestly, the leash is just for safety when we go for walks.  If I were working with her out in the country, I wouldn’t use a leash.  Well, during the day at least. 

The latest challenge is working on stairs.  She can go up the small ones ok, but she is very resistant to go down.  I got her do go down one, but that was all.  We will work on it more tomorrow. 

In addition to my new little one, who is sleeping in my lap as I type this, I ended up with a new ferret.  I know, lots of new animals at once, but trust me, I didn’t plan this one.  I’ve wanted a new dog since last semester, but the ferret was kinda sprung on me. 

One of my friends from history class told me about how her brother-in-law was treating his ferret.  Apparently, he changed her cage maybe once every 2 months, usually longer, and never let her out.  She didn’t have any shots, and was left alone in her cage all the time.  She didn’t even have a litter box, but the whole bottom of her cage was filled with kitty liter.  She was also on the cheapest food they could get, and they got it at walmart *shudders*  The poor diet really shows in her coat.   

My friend asked me if I would take the ferret if she could get her brother-in-law to give her up.  I said sure, not really thinking about it.  Well, she asked him, and he agreed and said it would be better for his ferret.  Considering he is 13, my friend and I were both surprised by this.  So, I ended up with a new ferret.

I asked my friend if she could take the ferret to the vet for a check up, and to get her shots.  She said of course, and I paid for the vet visit.  She got a clean bill of health, and her shots.  I am going to slowly introduce the new ferret, currently Charlotte, to my ferrets in a few days.  She is supposed to be in quarantine for the next few days, or I would do it today.  Charlotte’s cage smells, not surprising, and all her bedding smells like smoke.  I want to get it out of here as soon as possible.

She is a very sweet ferret though, and I am happy to have her, despite the surprise circumstance.  Any ideas for a new name?  She is the typical dark colored ferret.  

Now, the real reason for my wanting to post to my Live Journal, not that these past things weren't worth writing about, especially my new puppy  ^_^ *loves her*

I use my LJ to rant and to help make my self feel better.  I haven’t even talked about it yet and I feel better  ^^;

It’s about one of my friends in German class.  She’s awesome, and I’m really happy for her, don’t get me wrong.  I guess I’m just . . .  jealous?  That doesn’t seem quite like the right word.  A while ago she and her boyfriend of 2 years had a mutual break up.  She started taking an interest in another guy, and seemed to want to go with him for about a month. 

While she was still considering him, a guy from our German class asked her out.  She went on a date with him, but he was really arrogant and pushy.  From this, she started thinking and realized that she didn’t want the first guy, or the guy she just when out with. 

At an “End of German” party, another guy from German started showing interest, and she still hasn’t told the first guy from German that she’s not interested.  Can you start to see where I’m a little . . . jealous?  That still isn’t the right word.  The break up was about 2 months ago, but all the boy stuff is in the past 2 weeks, and the party was this past weekend.  I’m happy for her, I really am, and I hope it works.  But the last guy who’s shown interest in her, the one from the party, I actually think is cute.  He passes my mental kiss test!  *sigh* 

I know my mother keeps saying I’ve only got 2 years here and that I don’t need a guy to distract me and a bunch of other logical stuff, but all my friends here are like “it’s 2 years!”  That’s ‘forever,’ apparently, at this age.  Is there something. . .  wrong? to mature? about/with me that I’m already planning things not to happen because of what’s going to happen in 2 years?  Not that I even have options at this point to not plan for.

I guess it’s just kinda . . . weird? for me to see one of my friends have so many guys, and spend her time out and what not, and what do I do?  I rescue a puppy, and a ferret, while I stay home and study.  I don't go out and party nearly as much as she does.  What do I have to do?  Get drunk and need a guy to be with me while I fall asleep at the party house?  Do I need to play the damsel in need of rescuing to get a guy in this town to even talk to me? 

Maybe I should just go out barring a lot, since this stupid small town doesn’t even have a freaking club >.<  If we had a club, I would be there all the time!  Well, I’d at least try to get there once every 2 weeks.  This town, and its events just aren’t my scene. *shrugs* 

So, this begs the question, why am I even looking for a guy here?  Why shouldn’t I just focus on my studies, and work with my dogs and help ferrets in need while watching all my friends happily find men they are delightfully happy with >.<  Did you know I’m the only one of ALL of my friends who is still single?  Every single one has a man, except the one from German who has over 3 men trying to get with her.  

It makes me want to ask what’s wrong with me, but that list is way to long, and yet for this circumstance, not long at all.  If that makes sense.  Maybe I’m just a freak *shrugs*




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