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My mother is fostering for Animal Haven in Merriam KS, and these are her current charges. They are up for adoption toward the end of May 2010! I am posting this on April 10th, 2010. These little guys are Rat Terriers. The mom is Mia, but Animal Haven has her listed as Sara. My mother has been calling her Sara-Mia. The puppies are Aloysius, Bethany, Calvin, Daria, Ella and Fin. I name some of them in the video, but if you have questions about a certain one, please ask!

Sara-Mia is looking for a forever home as well, and will also be up for adoption at the end of May, 2010. She is a very sweet, loving lap dog, and is very well behaved! We aren't sure if she's house broken because we've kept her with the puppies, but she reliably uses the puppy training pads we put down.

This video was taken just after the puppies ate, so their pen is slightly messy, but we cleaned it up after they went to sleep. I had to cut a few bits out to make it a length youtube would take, so if you see random splits, that's why.

My dog Anika also briefly appears in this (solid black and tan, mainly stays behind me), and she is most definitely not for sale, lol

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