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Wow, is life going to be busy for a while!

So, for one, I’ve been WAY procrastinating my online organic chemistry lecture, so now I have to do a semesters work in half a semester  >.<  I went ahead and scheduled my 3 exams, so I have no more excuses.    Yay for cramming! 

At least the lab is almost over.  I only have one lab left to do for the rest of the semester!  *dances*  Sorry if this post is a little more  . . . odd than normal.  I’m on my second pot of coffee today, and extremely sleep deprived.

My history class has turned up the dial this half of the semester.  I have a total of 6 reports to write.  I’ve already done 2, and am working on the 3rd.  It’s crazy busy!  I have so much less time now.  Hopefully the lack of a lab will help greatly.  I won’t have to work on post-lab reports, or pre-lab reports, not to mention no 5-hour lab. 

German has also turned up the dial.  I have an exam next Monday, and 2 different portfolio entries due.  I only had one last half.  I have been very busy with chemistry, and I am sorry to say that German has started to take a back seat.  I need to start studying more!  T___T

Enough with school now.  It’s only reminding me that I’m procrastinating writing that 3rd paper for history.  Time for a new topic!

I don’t think I’ve talked about this on my LJ, but I’ve been wanting another dog.  I’ve felt that there has been a presence missing from my apartment since last semester.  It took me a few months to realize what was missing, but I finally figured out it was a dog.

I have been popping around on Pet Finder, and had prospects, but they haven’t turned out well.  The first dog I looked at was a Toy fox Terrier named Sammy.  She had a permanent slight head tilt from being beaten, but was a sweet, normal dog other wise.  I had submitted the application, agreed upon a price and was waiting on confirming the place to pick her.  The woman I was corresponding with had been very prompt with emails, responding a few times a day, but then there was a 2 day delay and then I got this email – it’s a direct copy/paste:


“I am very sorry for the of our regular volunteers has fallen in love with Sammy and took her home yesterday to foster for a while, but now she has decided to keep her. I am very sorry, but I am grateful for the interest. If there is someone else in mind that cought your eye please let me know. Hope all is well.”


I was SO angry!  I had claims to the dog way before the volunteer had even met her! That was a while ago, but reading that email again makes me angry all over.  It was horribly disrespectful, and made me feel like crap.  I even cried!  I sent a very angry but respectful email in return.

The next one I looked at was another Toy Fox Terrier (noticing a theme?).  The person I was corresponding with responded with in a few days of my emails, but then the delays kept getting longer and longer.  When she did respond, she didn’t answer any of the questions I asked.  I had to go through another worker in the same rescue organization to find out that the dog  “seems to really enjoy the backyard, so he is not available for apartments.”  What dog doesn’t like a backyard!?  Seriously?!  I walk mine 3 times a day, which is very good for them psychologically, and better for them then just being let out into backyard.  BETTER!  Oh, did I mention that a friend of mine in school has a service dog, and my dogs are better behaved that her dog?

I was ready to give up on getting a dog all together, when I was sent a link from one of the organizations I was looking at.  It was for a 3 year old Italian Greyhound on Craigslist.  I actually went out and got him, but when I brought him back to my parents house, he fell in love with my mothers Italian Greyhound.  I told my mom it was ok if she kept him, and she fell in love with him instantly.  She now says she can’t imagine life without him  ^^; 

This now starts the second round of me getting my mother a dog, and then she getting me one.  I ‘got’ her Timmer, and she ‘got’ me Anika.  Timmer was supposed to be mine, and Anika hers, lol. 

So, I am still without a dog, but, my mother has started fostering for Animal Haven!  You can see where this is going. 

Her first charges were 2 Italian Greyhound puppies, and now it’s a Toy Fox Terrier mom and her 6 puppies.  Notice the dog breed?  These latest dogs were seized from a hoarder’s house.  There were at least 20 dogs on the property, and over 6 had full litters.

I have been looking for Toy Fox Terriers, and now I get to hand select my dog from a full litter!  Then raise it exactly how I want it to be, and don’t have to work with damage!  *dances*  Though, there is a chance I will end up with the mother dog, I’m pretty sure I’ll get a puppy. 

There is a reason I’ve been looking at Toy Fox Terriers.  The first dog I ever helped put to sleep when I worked at the clinic was a Toy Fox Terrier.  I held the little guy while he was injected.  He was only 2, and was being put down for biting.  The owner had tried drugs and obedience classes, but when he bit her 1 year old, she said no more.  She didn’t even try to find him a different home!  He was trembling the whole time I held him, and I can still remember vividly how he just went limp in my arms . . . *cries and grabs a tissue*

I now understand that he was a fear bitter, and now know how I could have helped him and made him normal again.  If only I had known then!  It still makes my cry thinking about it, because I could save him now!  I could!  And the fact that I couldn’t then  . . .  I’ve always regretted that.  I love the breed of Toy Fox Terrier, and I feel that if I rescue one, maybe my guilt will be a little less.

I really should get to that paper now.  I hope all is well with you all!

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